Shades Loyalty FAQ


At Shades we are always trying to find new, fun ways to engage with our guests and also to give back to our loyal regulars! With the implementation of our new POS we were challenged to come up with a new system to help give back to those guests and we think we’ve come up with a great new loyalty plan. Below is a list of some FAQ to help explain our new system.

What if I’m already a member?

  • Great! Then you are already signed up and are earning points towards your gift cards and end of year party as we speak! Unfortunately, any points you may have earned from our previous loyalty program cannot be rolled into the new system. If you have any questions about those points please speak to a manager on duty and they will be happy to assist!

Is it free to join?

  • Of course! All you have to do is purchase items and you automatically begin earning points!

What do I get in return?

  • You will be earning $25 gift cards for purchasing items at Shades! Each food item on the menu will now earn 100 “Item Points” towards your gift card! *

  • We haven’t forgotten our loyal bar guests either! Every draught beer, glass of wine and specialty cocktail on our Shades Beer Menu will earn you 50 “Item Points” towards your gift card and Bottles of wine will earn 100 “Item Points” *

  • In addition to earning gift cards, Shades Loyalty members will also be earning “Purchase Points”! These points are calculated by each dollar spent here at Shades. $1 earns 1 “Purchase Point”

  • Top “Purchase Point” earners on the year will get a chance to win EXCLUSIVE Shades gear including an exclusive Shades “Loyalty Royalty” t-shirt and much more! **

  • Top “Purchase Point” earners will also be invited to an Annual VIP Appreciation party in addition to access to exclusive VIP dining areas at all Shades events! ***

How do I receive my gift card?

  • Easy! Once you have earned enough “Item Points” your server can get you your $25 gift card. You will get one for every 3000 “Item Points” you earn at Shades!

How do I sign up?

  • It’s easy! Any one of our staff members can sign you up right at your table. We only need some basic information from you; Name, Phone # (we won’t call unless you leave something behind), D.O.B (It can be our secret!), and e-mail address (Don’t worry about e-mail blasts, you won’t receive more than 2 a year from us) and that’s it. You will begin earning points immediately upon signing up.


* = Some restrictions may apply, see your server for more details
** = Top 3 earners annually will receive these gifts
*** = Top 15 earners annually will be invited to our VIP Appreciation party and will be allowed a +1, Top 10 earners annually will have access to VIP dining areas for our Events and will also be allowed a +1. See a manager for more details